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Hi! I’m back.

I took a break from blogging for a vacation and to create two new
families of information products: T-shirts and Sweatshirts.
But, now, I’m back in the groove and will be posting more regularily.

I designed two lines of T-shirts. One is patriotic and focussed
on what we can do to keep from losing our American Freedoms.
This family of T-shirts and Sweatshirts is available at
Save Freedom T-shirts. Check them out.

The other line is Christian. It is scripture based and focuses on
Jesus being the Light of Life. This family of T-shirts and
Sweatshirts is available at Christian Light of Life T-shirts.
Check them out too. Thanks.

So, are print on demand T-shirts really information products?
I think they are. Whenever you are delivering information to
people that they want and need, you are delivering an information
product, whether the information is in an ebook, in a teleseminar,
or on a T-shirt. That is one of the great things about your
information products marketing business. You can offer information
in so many different forms.

Print On Demand is a fascinating concept that allows you to
become a publisher at very little cost. No longer do you have
to print 1,000 copies of a book, for example, at great expense,
and store boxes of the books in your garage while you try to sell
them. Now, you can have a book you wrote printed one at a time
as it is ordered at places like www.lulu.com. You can design
T-shirts and Sweatshirts and have them created one at a time as
they are ordered at places like http://www.zazzle.com or
http://www.cafepress.com. In some cases, you can set the price
for your product, and in other cases, the price is set and you
add the profit you want to make on each sale to the price.

Let me know what you think about this making a comment below.
If you would like a list of Print On Demand suppliers, tell me in your

Don’t make this the only post you read on this blog. There is
so much more information here on how to start and succeed in
your own home based information marketing business. Click on
the archive links on the right and read all the earlier posts

Here’s to helping you live richly, doing what you love from
home in your own information marketing business.

Paul Kaliher
The PERFECT Home Based Business Guy

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