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One of the best ways to get additional exposure for your home business blog or website is to write news releases and get them distributed by free or paid news release sites.  Not only do you get more exposure for your blog or website, but you also get back links to your blog or website.  This increases your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) score and may help your site show up better in Google and other search results.  Another side benefit is the added traffic you will get from people reading the press release and then visiting your site.

Now, I can hear you saying “I don’t know what to write about.  What is a good reason to write a news release?”  And, “Where do I send the news releases?”

Believe it or not, there are dozens of reasons to write a news release.  There are also dozens of places that distribute news releases.  Some of them are free.  More on that later.

Here are 33 good reasons to write a news release:

1.  A new product or service is being introduced

2.  An existing product or service has been improved

3.  There is new literature available on a product or service

4.  You entered into an alliance/partnership/joint venture with another company

5.  Your company or a key employee joined an industry organization/association

6.  Your company or a key employee got an industry award or commendation

7.  Your company or a key employee is participating in some industry program

8.  Your company is now marketing products or services in a new market area

9.  You are offering free information, free demonstrations, free classes

10. You have a free trial offer for, or free samples of, your products or services

11. Your web site has been updated with a new look, new features, or new information

12. To report on research you are doing or report on the results of the research

13. The company name, website address,  or company address has changed

14. You are, or another manager or employee is, speaking at some private or public function

15. Your speech or article or book or blog has been summarized, reported on, or publicized by someone else

16. To report your view on industry events or trends you see

17. Announcing a newsletter or other publication you are starting or have just published

18. To announce your predictions about the industry or the products and services provided by companies like yours

19. Describe a contest you are sponsoring

20. Announce a guest blogger that you are hosting

21. Announce the results of a poll you have taken

22. Alert the media to talk show, TV show, radio show, podcast, or other public appearances by you or a key employee

23. A white paper, application note, or report is available

24. You are presenting a seminar or workshop, or attending one

25. Announce events, people, or programs you are sponsoring

26. You have, or an employee has, been appointed to a board or committee

27. Announce a book you have written

28. You have, or your company has, made a contribution or donation to a charity

29. You have, or your company has, established a scholarship

30. Announce a special holiday event at your company, or declare a holiday and announce it

31. Announce special sales promotions

32. Announce major milestones in your company (sales, number of employees, number of customers, number of years in business)

33. Announce a new relationship with a marketing consulting firm, bank, or other advisor/service firm


That’s a start, right?  Pick a reason and write your news release today. Send it to at least a few of the free news release distribution sites like  Here’s a site that has done some homework on which free distribution firms have had the best results for them:  Effective Press Release Sites  It lists a number of free sites for you to send your releases to.

I have had good luck, meaning more effective exposure and back links, with a paid site too.  The one I have used is  If you have more money than time, give them a try.

Let me know what you think about this post by making a comment below.

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Here’s to helping you live richly, doing what you love from home in your own information marketing business.

Paul Kaliher
The P.E.R.F.E.C.T. Home Based Business Guy.


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