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A Business From Home?
Do You Dream of Having Your Own Home Based Business?

Imagine being able to discover the best legitimate home based business opportunity. One that can finally make you some real money in your own business from home.

Imagine being able to focus only on that business, so you can stop wasting your time and money trying out every new “opportunity” that sounds good, but doesn’t turn out so good.

Imagine starting your own home based business and becoming successful in it, with access to what works and what doesn’t, with the tools and resources you need to succeed, and with the help of mentors who have successfully done what you want to do and can help you do it too.

It all starts with this free report “How To Discover, Start, and Succeed In Your PERFECT Home Based Business”.  Ask for your copy today and find out:

  • 7 critical characteristics your business from home MUST have for success
  • A powerful tool that shows you how to focus on the one perfect home based business for you
  • How to finally stop throwing good money after bad and wasting your time trying to find a home business “opportunity” that works
  • Clear, simple proof that the PERFECT™ home based business is the best opportunity to earn real money from home, even in your spare time
  • 7 Simple Steps to Success: How To Start And Succeed In Your Own PERFECT™ Home Based Business
  • How to live richly doing what you love in your own business from home, and never have to look at another so called “business opportunity” again        

    Its all in the report. Request your free copy now and get started on your own successful business from home today…even if you’ve tried before and failed, or don’t know what to do to first.  Now is the time to make your dream a reality.


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    Business From Home…7 Steps To Success

    Before we talk about the 7 steps to success for your business from home, you may have wondered what kind of home business you should start.  Is there really is such a thing as a perfect home based business? After all, there are so many home business opportunities being offered, which one is the best opportunity? 

    Many years of experience and a lot of research by me and others has proven that Information Products Marketing is the “perfect” home based business.  It is the only opportunity I know of that meets all of the requirements for a P.E.R.F.E.C.T. home business.

    There are seven requirements the P.E.R.F.E.C.T. home based business must satisfy, one requirement for each letter in the word PERFECT.

    The “P” in PERFECT stands for “Profitable”

    The first “E” in PERFECT means “Easy”

    The “R” stands for “Real”

    The “F” means “Fits With Your Desired Lifestyle”

    The second “E” stands for “E-friendly”

    The “C” means “Competitive”

    And the “T” stands for “Testable at Low Risk”

    The PERFECT Home Based Business will fill all of the requirements outlined above, and Information Product Marketing matches every requirement.

    Once you’re convinced too that Information Products Marketing is the PERFECT home based business opportunity for you, and I hope you are after you spend a little time thinking about it, the next step is to take action and get started on your own business from home marketing Information Products.

    How do you get started?

    There are seven PERFECT Action Steps to Success for you to follow when you start your Information Products Marketing Business, one for each letter in the word PERFECT. Here is an overview of the seven PERFECT action steps:

    1. P: Passion

    2. E: Economics

    3. R: Research

    4. F: Find Your Business Model

    5. E: Establish Your Product Line

    6. C: Complete Your Marketing Machine

    7. T: Traffic and Conversion

    P: Passion means determining your core desires and identifying your passion(s) and strength(s). This is a required first step that will help motivate you and greatly increase your chances of being successful. You are much more likely to succeed in the long term if your business is centered around something you are passionate about.

    E: Economics means finding profitable markets that resonate with your core desires, passions, and strengths that you identified in the first success step called Passion. If you can’t find a market that fits completely, at least find one that you are strongly interested in, or think you could become strongly interested in. But, if a market is not profitable, it doesn’t matter whether or not it matches your passions. Find a profitable market before creating any products.

    R: Research means doing additional research on the market(s) you identified in the Economics success step, on the product(s) you think you may want to offer, on your potential competitors, and on your prospects.

    The purpose is, in part, to make sure you know exactly what kind of products are being offered to your market, where they are being offered, where your prospects may be searching for solutions, what kind of sales copy and offers are being used, who your competitors are and what they aren’t offering that your prospects need (that you could offer in your product).

    F: Find Your Business Model means deciding what business model is the best fit for your personality, skills and interests, the one that most closely matches what you would like to do in the future, and even the one that sounds like it would be the most fun for you to do.

    The business model you decide on will include your choice of Marketing Channel (online, e-mail, offline, or a combination), Product Category (determined by the degree of content created by you), and Sales Process (direct linking, opt-in, sales page, or content site, for example).

    E: Establish Your Product Line means creating or finding products to offer to your prospects. Think about creating a long term business and not just a short term income stream. So, don’t just create or find one product, plan for at least several related products in your product line. You should have products at various price points so prospects can buy your less expensive product first. As they develop trust in you and your products they will buy your more expensive products also.

    C: Complete Your Marketing Machine means creating everything needed to attract prospects and convert them to paying customers, including for example, web pages to get prospects to opt in to your e-mail list or to sell or presell a product, a series of autoresponder e-mail messages, order pages, download pages and so on.

    Another way of looking at it is, once you have at least your first product created, or your first affiliate product selected, how do you get it marketed? How do you get orders and get paid for them? Your marketing machine accomplishes all of that, and what your marketing machine looks like will depend on which sales process you have selected for your business.

    T: Traffic And Conversion means getting traffic and converting that traffic into orders.

    If your build your web site, they will come. Right?


    In order to get the traffic you need you must give people a reason to visit your opt-in page, sales page, or content web site. There are many free and paid methods to get traffic to your web site. Getting traffic is one thing. Converting that traffic to orders for your product is another. If you have ten million people visit your site, but nobody orders, what good is it?

    You need to be able to convert the traffic into orders.

    Learn more about starting your own business from home by getting your free copy of this 42 page report: How To Discover, Start, And Succeed In Your PERFECT Home Based Business  


    A Business From Home…Do You Have What It Takes To Succeed?

    You probably wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t really want to start and succeed in your own business from home.  And, I take it as a given that you have the desire to succeed, an action orientation , the ability to make decisions, and the willingness to stick to it until you do succeed. Right?  Good.

    You may also already know I consider Information Product Marketing to be the PERFECT™ Home Based Business (If you haven’t already discovered that for yourself, click the following link to request your free copy of this 42 page report: How To Discover, Start, And Succeed In Your PERFECT™ Home Based Business. 

    However, did you know that you need to have the following 17 key skills in order to achieve great success in starting and building your own home based information products marketing business? I’m sure you have some of these skills already.  The rest, you can develop, or you can pay someone who has the skills to help you out.  But, you will need each one, or access to someone who has that skill, to develop your business to its full potential.

    I call these skills “Key Leverageable Skills”, because once you have these skills, you can leverage them to build your business from home into the success you dream of.

    Key Leverageable Skills:

    1. Determining your core desires, passions and your strengths to help motivate you, make sure you are headed in the right direction, and increase your likelihood of long term success
    2. Developing and keeping the correct mindset (success orientation, action orientation, decisiveness, belief in lifelong learning, learning from someone who has successfully done what you want to do, helping others)
    3. Finding profitable markets (niche market research, initial testing to verify profitability)
    4. Researching markets, prospects and competitors (additional market research, competitive research, identifying wants and needs, survey prospects and customers)
    5. Understanding your choices of business models and choosing one to start with.
    6. Handling your business finances, organization and business structure, and planning
    7. Creating profitable info products
      1. Generating ideas
      2. Developing a sales and product offering funnel
      3. Creating the products (written, audio, video, combo, presentations), or getting them created, finding other related products
      4. Packaging or formatting the products for delivery
    8. Strategic thinking (developing a business, not product or one time sale; help people, not just make a buck; think about how to automate, don’t do everything manually; focus on your strengths, outsource the rest; think systems; think end product in your funnel first and work backwards to your initial offering; set your direction up front)
    9. Finding profitable affiliate products to market
    10. Mastering the basic elements of web site design and creation (squeeze pages, sales pages, and branding pages) for selling on the internet
    11. List building
    12. Writing:
      1. Copywriting (ads, sales letters, squeeze pages, e-mails, articles, web copy, Joint Venture proposals, autoresponder sequences, scripts for audio and video products and ads)
      2. Google Adwords or other Pay Per Click ad writing (subset of copywriting)
      3. Writing content (e-books, reports, courses, seminars, articles, scripts for audio or video)
    13. Automation of your business processes
    14. Creating your own affiliate program (finding and enrolling affiliates to market your products, creating tools to help them sell)
    15. Getting traffic, Promoting your products and business
    16. Converting traffic to the desired action (desired action could be to get them to opt in to your email list, to buy a product, or to fill in survey, for example)
    17. Testing (knowing what to test, how to test, what to do with the results)

    Seems overwhelming doesn’t it?  Don’t worry about it.  Really. There are many experts who can provide help with the skills you don’t have yet, or they can help you develop your own skill in each area.  Depending on the business model you choose, you may not initially need a few of the skills.  A few of the skills can wait a little bit until you get your business started and rolling along. 

    The key is to decide you want to start and succeed in your own business from home and get started today.  Take action, learn, develop your skills as you go, follow your dream.

    To learn more, visit my blog at: 

    Paul Kaliher, The PERFECT™ Home Based Business Guy.


    A Business From Home…Do You Use Any Of These Excuses For Not Starting Your Own Home Based Business Today?

    Are you ready to:

    • FINALLY work from home doing things you love, perhaps even quitting your job when you get your business from home going well enough?
    • Spend more quality time with your spouse and kids?
    • Buy that new car, boat, or that cabin on the lake you’ve been wishing for?
    • Earn so much money from home your spouse won’t have to work?
    • Send your kids to college without worrying about the money?
    • Take more vacations to exotic locations (without asking the boss for days off)?
    • Pay off your debts and stop worrying about money at last?
    • Retire with money to spare?

    OK, I thought you would answer “YES, you bet I’m ready”.

    Well, How Do You Get Started?

    First, you have to get rid of every excuse that is standing in your way.  And do it now.  No more excuses.  You know what I mean.  Start your business from home now.

    I used several of the following excuses for not taking action on some of my dreams. But, not any more.

    What’s your favorite excuse for not following your dreams and starting your own home business NOW?:

    1. Fear of failure
    2. Fear of success
    3. Fear of disgrace or ridicule if you try and fail
    4. The security of a job (just a little too comfortable where you are…earning good money).  This was one of my favorites.
    5. Feeling you don’t deserve it or are not destined to have it
    6. Feeling your ideas and dreams are not worth anything. What makes me think I have anything to offer, anything someone would want to buy?
    7. Not knowing how to start.  Lack of knowledge about what to do first, what to do next.
    8. Too many ideas, you end up not doing any one of them.  Another of my favorites.
    9. Indecision.  You can’t decide if you should really do this or not, and if so, you can’t decide which opportunity you should go after.
    10. Bewildering list of things to learn and do
    11. Exhaustion from current job and life.  No energy left to start your business. That’s me again.
    12. Wrong mindset.  You doubt that success is possible for the average Joe.  You doubt that you can be successful or that you will be successful.
    13. You don’t know what you really want and what you’re really good at.  Not knowing your core desires and strengths can make you unfocussed.
    14. Listening to nay-saying family and friends
    15. Listening to every guru and being confused because they all seem to say something different
    16. Unwillingness to do more than think and dream (because it will require work to act on your thoughts and dreams, and it feels so good to think and dream without having to make it real)
    17. Being stuck in a rut, in a comfort zone
    18. Too focused on just surviving, earning enough to live
    19. Being overwhelmed by the perceived massiveness of the task
    20. Not enough money
    21. Everybody/everything is against you
    22. Waiting until everything is perfect
    23. Waiting to gather just a little more information before starting
    24. You think you’re too late.  You believe everybody else beat you to it and there are no more opportunities to make it big.
    25. You don’t have the time
    26. You can’t get motivated

    Now You Can Finally Overcome Every Excuse And Succeed In Your Own Business From Home In Spite Of Yourself! 

    None of these excuses have any right to stop you from making your dreams come true.  If any of them are even a little valid as excuses, you need to know and believe that every one of them can be overcome.

    But, you MUST take action to put these excuses in your past and overcome them. 

    As a small start, try a little exercise; write down your favorite excuses on a sheet of paper. Then tear the paper up into little pieces and throw them into the garbage.  No more excuses.  It’s symbolic, but it is a good exercise for your mental health.

    When you’re finally sick of making excuses….when you want your own successful business from home so bad you can taste it, Click Here For Your Free Report: How To Discover, Start, And Succeed In Your PERFECT Home Based Business.


    Paul Kaliher, The PERFECT™ Home Based Business Guy.  Here’s to helping you live richly, doing what you love from home in your own information marketing business.

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