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Have you ever considered using Google Adwords or another pay per click (PPC) provider to grow your home based business?  You should at least consider it.  There are several reasons for your business to use Adwords, including the most obvious reason, which is to increase sales of your products or services.  You can also use pay per click marketing to research your market with a survey, to quickly and inexpensively test a marketing campaign, or to build your email list.  But, your path to using Adwords could be an expensive slippery slope if it is not done right.  I think I have found a resource that will help keep your costs low and reduce your risk to a minimum.

One of the world’s foremost experts on Google Adwords pay per click advertising and marketing is Perry Marshall.  The 3rd Edition of his book “The Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords…How to Access 100 Million People in 10 minutes” is a real treasure chest of tips on how to do a successful Google Adwords Campaign.  I bought the 2nd Edition of the book some time ago and loved it.

I promised Perry last year that I would post my opinion about the 3rd Edition review copy he gave me.  My review is overdue, so I’ll get right to it.  Here it is:

When I read a non-fiction book, especially one about small business, making money, or marketing, I bend the top corner of pages to bookmark those that contain important thoughts or facts. Some people call that process “dog-earing” the page.  You can judge how good I think a book is by counting how many dog-eared pages it has after I read it.  I think Perry’s book is one of the most dog-eared books I have ever read, with bent page corners on over one fifth of the book, 73 out of 341 pages.  So, I guess you know I liked the book.

The 3rd Edition contains all of the valuable 2nd Edition information, but is also about 30% different than the 2nd Edition.  The new material in the 3rd Edition includes tips on using social media, customer testimonials, and local place pages.  There are two new chapters on the “dark side of Google” that tells you what could go wrong with your Adwords campaign and what to do about it.  And, another cool new chapter alerts you to “17 things yo mama never told you about Google”.  In addition, the book contains lots of tips on effective advertising and marketing in general, not just on PPC marketing.

The only negative comment I can make about this book it that it has so much good information in it.  You may have a hard time absorbing everything and putting it all into practice.  Still, if you apply just one or two tips from the book, it will be worth your time and money.  To be honest, I haven’t applied very much of what I learned in the book yet.  Though I have experimented successfully with Adwords to build my email list, my business doesn’t yet need pay per click marketing.  I do expect to use Perry’s book to expand my use of Google Adwords and other PPC providers in the future to continue building my list, to test my marketing campaigns, to survey my market, and to sell more products.

If you ever plan on doing any pay per click marketing, you can get your own copy of “The Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords” at   Just be sure to buy the 3rd Edition as the 2nd Edition is still available at Amazon.  If you want to know more about Perry Marshall, you can check him out here:  Intro to Perry Marshall

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Here’s to helping you live richly, doing what you love from home in your own information marketing business.

Paul Kaliher
The P.E.R.F.E.C.T. Home Based Business Guy.

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Here’s to helping you live richly, doing what you love from home,
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